Almost two years ago, bedroom pop singer Clairo made major waves when she uploaded a YouTube video of herself singing an original song called “Pretty Girl” from, appropriately, her bedroom. Now, the 20-year-old pop upstart has played Coachella, grown a massive fan following and, most recently, come out.

In a new interview with Out, the star revealed that she is comfortable talking about her sexuality but still hasn’t decided on a label — or if she even wants one. “I’m still not really sure what my sexuality is, but I do know that it’s not straight,” she said.

The star has spoken about her sexuality before, but in less certain terms. Back in May 2018, Clairo told her fans that one of her songs, “B.O.M.D.” (which stands for “boy of my dreams”), was applicable to more than one sex. “B.O.M.D. is also G.O.M.D. for ur information,” she wrote.

In the interview, Clairo said it’s been a long process for her to determine how her sexuality works but added that questioning is one of the most important parts of the coming-out process. “There’s so many young girls that listen to my music that are probably going through the same thing and need someone that they look up to or listen to to tell them that it’s okay,” she said. “That the things that they’re feeling, whether it’s confusion or if they’re gay or straight, whatever, it’s okay.”

More recently, Clario said that queer pop star King Princess shared some words of encouragement with her backstage at Coachella, saying that she was at another important stage in her coming out. “I talked to [Mikaela Strauss] about it the other day, and she told me I’m having my gay sob right now, where I’m just letting all my emotions out and finally crying from that experience when I was 12 years old,” she said, referring to her struggle at a young age with her sexuality.

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