There are times when Line Of Duty (BBC1) is not so much a police thriller, more a can of alphabetti spaghetti upended on toast.

Even before the summary of last week’s events was over, viewers were bombarded with the hijack of ED-905 and a mopi-C-1601 redacting info on a UCO embedded in an OCG.

Thankfully, Ted Hastings, the lovable Superintendent played by unlikely heart-throb Adrian Dunbar, marched into the office of the DCC (Deputy Chief Constable) and explained all about the Under Cover Officer, the Organised Criminal Gang and the stolen heroin shipment.

As for the mopi-C-1601 . . . look, it doesn’t matter. Gaffer Hastings understands and that’s what counts. Of LOD’s eight million viewers, over half weren’t concentrating on the swirling initials anyway.

They were going all melty at Ted’s Northern Irish growl. If the Reverend Ian Paisley had been a roguish ladies’ man, that’s how he might have sounded.

Most of this episode of writer Jed Mercurio’s splendidly mind-bending serial was taken up with explanations.

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