Chocolate manufacturers have been slammed for the sugar content in some of their super-sized Easter eggs.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Crunchie Ultimate Easter Egg contains a whopping 330g of sugar.

The NHS recommends children aged four-to-six should consume no more than 19g of the sweet stuff a day.

This means youngsters who munch their way through the entire egg in one day will eat 17 days’ worth of sugar in one go.

The National Obesity Forum has now warned that super-sized Easter eggs are a ‘real risk to our health’.

The giant eggs, as they are described by some supermarkets online, come with extra chocolate and treats inside them, which add to the total sugar content.

Other offenders include Maltesers Crunchy Easter Egg, which comes with two chocolaty bunnies plus a bag of mini sweet treats.

At 496g, 271.5g of this is made up of sugar, with young children getting up to 14 days’ worth in one sitting.

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