Our scout is a top football expert who attends matches each week searching for the next star. This week the man in the spotlight is right back Reece James, who is on loan at Wigan from Chelsea.


Fast developing with Championship experience, Reece James is on the right path.

This young defender has been outstanding as he continues to advance as a forceful full back. Now at Wigan on loan, he has been used in the centre by manager Paul Cook as a tackling enforcer with the added responsibility of breaking forward when the opportunity arises.

He certainly is tough. Square-shouldered, he has the profile of a middleweight boxer and his determination in a one-on-one encounter has a real punch. What I liked when I saw him recently in a difficult away game playing in a very average side was his determination to get on to his feet quickly after an accidental clash with his own team-mate.

Rather than roll around and seek attention, he staggered to his feet as quickly as possible, denying himself the possibility of treatment which his colleague had requested.

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