She found over-night fame as one of the original Geordie Shore cast members.      

And now, in an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Charlotte Crosby has revealed that when she struggled with her mental health between filming reality shows, she sought psychiatric support ‘off her own back,’ which MTV then organised for her.   

The Newcastle-born beauty, 28, praised MTV for continually giving her the ‘utmost mental health support’ and guidance in regards to dealing with life in the public eye, but insisted that it’s ‘not their job to sort us out financially.’

Charlotte, who is preparing for the fifth season of Just Tattoo Of Us to air, revealed that with all of the MTV shows she has taken part in, psychiatric support was there every step of the way.

‘Before every show I’ve ever been on with MTV, I’ve received support from a psych before, throughout and after.  It’s not an option, you have to speak to the psych at the beginning, and the end, and throughout if you’re struggling with something.

‘It’s given to you, but when you’re on a show like that, you have to take it up. And, even when we haven’t been filming, I am able to call any day any time if I need support, MTV offer it.

‘But, in-between shows when I have been struggling, yes, I did seek psychiatric support personally off my own back. I went to MTV and they sorted it out.’  

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