Charles Manson’s second in command is now living on a quiet residential street in Upstate New York with her ex-con boyfriend where she ‘happily walks her small dog’, it’s been revealed.

Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme helped run the murderous Manson Family cult that slaughtered five people – including Hollywood actress Sharon Tate – in Los Angeles in 1969. 

The now 71-year-old was never charged in connection with the murders, but she remained a devoted disciple who refused to testify at the murder trials, carved an X into her forehead in protest and lived in squalor with 100 others who believed Manson was a manifestation of Jesus.

Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, who went on to write about a detailed account about the crimes and trial in Helter Skelter, described Fromme as ‘the main gal in the Family’. 

‘Once Manson left the ranch, if he was anywhere else, she was in charge,’ he wrote. 

Yet now, living in the small town of Marcy, Fromme is described by neighbors as a nice, quiet woman who if often seen walking her dog.

‘She’s very friendly,’ one neighbor told The New York Post. ‘She’s usually with her neighbor, who also has a dog.’

Another resident said: ‘They don’t get involved in drama. They’re not ones who are out [saying], “Oh, look who I am,” bragging about their past.’

Fromme moved in with her ex-con boyfriend Robert Valdner five years ago. 

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