[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season finale of Celebrity Big Brother]. 

It was finale night for season two of Celebrity Big Brother.

On Wednesday the final five, Tamar Braxton, Dina Lohan, Ricky Williams, Lolo Jones and Kandi Burruss competed against each other in hopes of making it to the final two. First up, Kandi was voted out of the game by Ricky in a move that stunned the show’s live audience.

Of her time in the house though the highlight for her was reconnecting with former rival Tamar Braxton. Next, the remaining four famous houseguests competed in a final competition that saw Ricky holding all the power and making the decision to evict Dina and Lolo from the game.

It was the second play of the night where the former NFL running back shocked viewers, but this time they were standing behind his move. With Ricky evicting Dina and Lolo that meant fan favorite Tamar was one step closer to winning the game.

When facing off against Ricky in their pleas to the jury made up of their fellow houseguests it was the super fan in Tamar that was shown off that made her the real MVP of the night.

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