Ryan Lochte¬†was the latest houseguest evicted on Monday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother after a classic backdoor maneuver.

The 34-year-old Olympics swimmer was kicked out by a vote of 6-1 during the one-hour episode on CBS.

The 12-time Olympic medalist gave a heartfelt speech to his fellow contestants in a bid to stay in the house.

‘I want to keep playing and have fun laughing with you guys. No hard feelings, whatever happens, happens,’ Ryan told them.

He was facing eviction along with singer Tamar Braxton, 41, who was considered less of a threat to the others.

Ryan was on the chopping block after Kato Kaelin, 59, became Head Of Household.

‘I really want to make a big move this week and backdoor Ryan,’ Kato said after gaining the powerful position.

He originally put Dina Lohan, 56, and Tamar on the chopping block with the plan to backdoor Ryan out of the house.

Tamar took offense to Kato’s reasoning for putting her up for eviction after he noted that she missed her son and was not cleaning up.

‘He wants me to clean the house and be home with my son,’ she complained.

Tamar later confronted Kato for hurting her feelings.

‘I was never and never will be malicious with anything,’ Kato assured her.

Kato and Tom Green, 47, then teamed up with Lolo Jones, 36, and Natalie Eva Marie, 34, to form an alliance.

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