Smartphone gambling apps could be even more addictive than the controversial ‘crack cocaine’ casino-style betting terminals in bookmakers, a leading psychologist has warned. Gamblers who use their phones to bet are willing to keep losing money long after they stop winning, a study found. In the worst case, one person placed almost 180 losing bets

A worrying WhatsApp bug has compromised new privacy controls introduced by the app on iPhones this month. WhatsApp recently introduced new biometric security features that let users lock the app using Face ID or Touch ID. The feature is meant to keep nosy friends from scrolling through your messages when your phone is unlocked. But

Realme has released a new teaser of the Realme 3 smartphone, revealing a dual rear camera setup and a rear fingerprint scanner. The phone is, separately, also reported to come in two variants powered by two different processors depending upon the region. The Realme 3 is now said to be powered by the MediaTek Helio

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 5G at its Unpacked Event. This is the biggest device of the series with more cameras, and, of course, with full 5G support both for mmWave and sub-6GHz networks. The phone will see gigabit speeds only in select countries, and Samsung announced a short list of the first places in Europe to

Epic Games joins Nestlé in abandoning video site over comments section scandal The maker of Fortnite has pulled adverts from YouTube amid concerns that promotions for the video game, which is popular with children, were appearing alongside comments posted by paedophiles. Epic Games confirmed it had withdrawn its adverts from the Google-owned site, joining Nestlé in temporarily abandoning it

Samsung Galaxy S10 debuted in the US on Wednesday as the next flagship model by the South Korean company. There are many eye-catching offerings on the Galaxy S10 that can easily convince a buyer looking for a top-end smartphone on the market. For instance, there is an almost bezel-less experience that comes from the all-new

Amazon, Apple and Google voice assistants and smart TVs could find out if a person is cheating on their partner, a data expert has claimed. Smart gadgets, which are used by one in ten people around the UK, can harvest enough data to work out the dynamics of a relationship, they say. They have the

It seems Samsung may have found another challenger in the race to develop a folding phone. Chinese tech giant TCL, which acquired the BlackBerry brand in 2016, is set to unveil a flexible phone that can bend around your wrist to become a pseudo-smartwatch, CNET reported. TCL is said to have at least four other folding devices

Apple could have a new MacBook Pro in store for later this year. Longtime Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told 9to5Mac that he anticipates the tech giant will release an ‘all-new’ 16-inch MacBook Pro, alongside other updates like a new 32-inch monitor and three new iPhones, some of which will have nifty new charging features. Kuo has correctly