According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 34.3 million adults in the United States alone currently smoke cigarettes and that more than 16 million live with a smoking-related disease, many of which affect the cardiovascular system. A new study, conducted by a Rutgers researcher, finds that smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day

High Street supplements which are marketed for heart health and energy may combat infertility, research suggests. A study found a selection of nutritional capsules taken by thousands every day boost the number, size and speed of a man’s sperm. Although unclear whether this leads to pregnancy, an expert said ‘it is a logical assumption that

Refrigerator malfunctions and potential contamination have left shots for the flu, HPV and polio ineffective, meaning thousands have been sent letters asking to return to be revaccinated. Vaccines have become a hot button issue over the last several weeks. Measles outbreaks in anti-vaccination ‘hot spots’ have sprouted up across the US, affecting 10 states. Health

Think of it as decontaminating yourself. Hospitalized patients with certain superbugs can cut their risk of developing full-blown infections if they swab medicated goo in their nose and use special soap and mouthwash after going home, a new study found. It’s a low-tech approach to a big problem: about five percent of patients have MRSA

Tonight’s episode of the BBC documentary Hospital reveals the story of a 15-year-old boy who must raise £29,000 for his own cerebral palsy surgery. Thomas, who is being treated at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, has been unable to walk for four years because of nerve damage caused by his condition. He is desperate to receive

The female reproductive tract is cleverly shaped to weed out weak sperm. That’s the claim made by scientists at New York’s Cornell University, who say a series of ‘pinch points’ – such as a narrowing between the uterus and fallopian tubes – is the biological equivalent of an assault course. As a result, only the

Having a baby is the world’s single most courageous feat. So why would a textbook publisher illustrate it with a picture of a woman with trimmed pubic hair? “Make yourself at home,” the midwife said, as I hove into the birthing room like a galleon in full sail. Immediately, I ripped off my shirt, dropped

Pregnant women are smoking and drinking in private because they are ‘irritated’ by people’s reactions to the habits which are known to harm unborn babies. Judgement from midwives has led women to feel ‘alienated’ and have ‘awkward’ relationships, research has found. Victim-blaming needs to end, researchers claimed, and a stigma is more often based on

Minnesota parents are overjoyed to finally be hearing their three-year-old daughter’s voice for the first time. Zoey Ellis, of Coon Rapids, was born in March 2015 with an extremely rare disorder that blocked off her windpipe and left her unable to speak. For the past three years, Zoey used sign language, squeaks and clicking her

Hundreds of newborns could be saved from going deaf with a 20-minute DNA test. An NHS trial of the test, which identifies babies who would lose their hearing if given a common antibiotic, is now being carried out. One in every 500 babies carries a genetic mutation which triggers profound hearing loss if they are given gentamicin –