Vegetables sold by California-based startup Iron Ox might be organic, but the farmer cultivating them is far from it.

The company behind the robotic and hydroponic farming system is now taking the first step towards going to market in California.

According to a report from The Verge, Iron Ox is partnering with Bay Area produce purveyors Bianchini’s Market, to put several varieties of its robot-grown leaf greens on shelves for the first time.  

For now, Iron Ox’s greens will come in the three different varieties: red-veined sorrel, Genevieve basil, and baby lettuce, at prices that are competitive with those at shoppers’ average Whole Foods.

The company’s robotic farms use a chorus of automated tools to bring their produce to life that include a 1,000 pound porter used to cart pallets of seedlings, a robotic arm that is capable of picking and planting seedlings, and a computer system named ‘the brain’ that provides the automated instructions for the farming process.

Among the advantages of its robotic systems, says Iron Ox, is the ability to offer fresh and organic produce at a reduced footprint.

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