Will Jon execute Samwell? Is Bran the Night King? And will Gendry and Arya’s baby end up on top? Readers share their epic theories for the GoT finale

‘The final scene will be Samwell writing a Game of Thrones’

All three main protagonists will die. Jon in battle, Daenerys in childbirth and Cersei at the hand of Arya wearing the face of Jaime. Daenerys and Jon’s daughter will inherit the throne with Tyrion as regent, and Varys and Bran on the small council. Sansa will be Queen of the North. The final scene will be an elderly Samwell Tarly, years later with George RR Martin in cameo, writing A Song of Ice and Fire – a history comprising the events of a Game of Thrones. Andrew Hadand, 29, audit associate, Birmingham

‘Jon and Daenerys will die like Romeo and Juliet’

The only ending I can see happening is Gendry taking the throne with Arya by his side, and Sam as their Hand. We’ve already seen the conception of their child, who will likely fulfil the Azor Ahai prophecy. The final scene will be Arya giving birth: “Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone.” King’s Landing is full of dragon skulls. As the baby comes out screaming, these “stone” dragons will begin to breathe new life. As for the rest, Sansa will rule the North, while Jon and Daenerys will kill themselves/each other in the style of Romeo and Juliet. Anne Brooking, 32, music promotor, Glasgow

Ghost will be the last one standing’

After seeing Ghost’s very brief cameos in episodes two and three, I’m convinced the writers have brought him back for a specific reason. If he’s survived the kamikaze run into the long night, I’m backing him to be the last man (… dire wolf) sitting on that pointy throne. Nick, 30, teacher, London

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