It is a long time since Wiz Khalifa was relevant but the black and yellow of Borussia Dortmund definitely is again.

When the single that shares its name with the German team’s colours was released, the best part of a decade ago, they went on to win the Bundesliga. Now they are back on top again, the schwarz und gelb coming to Wembley to take on Spurs as one of the most exciting teams in Europe. They possess the capacity to do serious damage in the Champions League as well as capturing the title.

Sportsmail has taken a look at Dortmund and what to expect from them ahead of their clash with Tottenham.

How they play

Where Jurgen Klopp’s football at Dortmund was called ‘heavy metal’, Lucien Favre has been credited with turning his team into creators of ‘modern jazz’ in the German press.

That means there is plenty of room for individual expression, but it has to take place within a well-defined structure, making sure those talents work well together.

Dortmund like to play out of the back and if they break that initial press, they can be incredibly dangerous — especially if they are afforded the opportunity to move up the field quickly. They are experts of one-touch passing moves that beffudle the opposition.

Jadon Sancho is, unsurprisingly, particularly effective in those moments.

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