Band of Skulls wraps up a trilogy of videos for its upcoming album Love Is All You Love with a clip for the title track, premiering exclusively below. And it doesn’t seem to have a happy ending.

“It depends on where you see the end,” the British duo’s Russell Marsden tells Billboard. “There really isn’t an end. It’s just a loop.” True enough, the video follows predecessors “Cool Your Battles” and “We’re Alive” in tracking a cycle from violence to peace back to violence, repeating some motifs from the former — including followers turning on a guru-like character who’s revealed as a fraud.

“The three singles are quite different,” Marsden notes, “but Nate (Camponi, the director) came up with this idea, which really resonated with us. It’s not necessarily what we intended in the songwriting; We were thinking about dancing gurus in the studio. But his directorial kind of style picked up on some things in the songs that tied together into this story that really resonated with us.”

And rest assured Marsden and fellow Skull Emma Richardson are well aware the video concept taps into modern-day politics and concerns over cults of personality prevalent worldwide these days, from the Trump administration to Brexit and beyond. “We recognize what’s going on in our country, and similar scenarios playing out in the world right now,” Richardson acknowledges, to which Marsden adds that, “We were writing lyrics about some of the pressures that we feel, and perhaps our generation, some of our peers, are coming up against. That was definitely in our songwriting tool kit this time. Musically it’s a very uplifting record, but the lyrics are darker than we’ve used before.”

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