Smartphone gambling apps could be even more addictive than the controversial ‘crack cocaine’ casino-style betting terminals in bookmakers, a leading psychologist has warned. Gamblers who use their phones to bet are willing to keep losing money long after they stop winning, a study found. In the worst case, one person placed almost 180 losing bets

A worrying WhatsApp bug has compromised new privacy controls introduced by the app on iPhones this month. WhatsApp recently introduced new biometric security features that let users lock the app using Face ID or Touch ID. The feature is meant to keep nosy friends from scrolling through your messages when your phone is unlocked. But

Realme has released a new teaser of the Realme 3 smartphone, revealing a dual rear camera setup and a rear fingerprint scanner. The phone is, separately, also reported to come in two variants powered by two different processors depending upon the region. The Realme 3 is now said to be powered by the MediaTek Helio

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 5G at its Unpacked Event. This is the biggest device of the series with more cameras, and, of course, with full 5G support both for mmWave and sub-6GHz networks. The phone will see gigabit speeds only in select countries, and Samsung announced a short list of the first places in Europe to

Epic Games joins Nestlé in abandoning video site over comments section scandal The maker of Fortnite has pulled adverts from YouTube amid concerns that promotions for the video game, which is popular with children, were appearing alongside comments posted by paedophiles. Epic Games confirmed it had withdrawn its adverts from the Google-owned site, joining Nestlé in temporarily abandoning it

Puffin numbers have unexpectedly grown by almost one tenth over the last five years at Britain’s largest colony, a study has found. The National Trust has declared the result of its five-yearly count of the number of the birds in the Farne Islands, off the Northumberland coast. A nine per cent growth in numbers was

An ancestor of the T-Rex has been discovered by scientists and the pint-sized relative is less than a third of the size of the ‘tyrant king’. Its remains were discovered in Utah and the animal lived 97 million years ago during the late Cretaceous period. Analysis found it weighed only 180 pounds (78 kg) and

Rising carbon dioxide emissions driven by human activities could soon lead to atmospheric greenhouse gas levels not seen since Earth’s last major global warming event, a shocking new study has warned. Researchers estimate humans are injecting nine to 10 times the amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than what was emitted during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Report says few headlines sparked by food crises that ravaged Madagascar, Ethiopia and Haiti Climate change was responsible for the majority of under-reported humanitarian disasters last year, according to analysis of more than a million online news stories. Whole populations were affected by food crises in countries ravaged by by drought and hurricanes such as Ethiopia and Haiti,

The world’s biggest bee has been found after it was thought that the species had become extinct as there has not been a sighting since 1981. Known as Wallace’s giant bee – which is as long as an adult’s thumb – the creature was found on a little-explored Indonesian island. Wildlife experts found the single