Apple’s self-driving cars may have a long way to go before they’re ready to ride.

That’s one of the takeaways from a new report published Wednesday by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, which includes data on all the companies testing self-driving vehicles in the state.

Among the other firms included the report are Google’s Waymo, Uber, General Motors and BMW.

Apple has been quietly testing autonomous vehicles for a few years, with its self-driving Lexus SUVs first hitting the streets of Cupertino in 2017.

Its efforts in this area are believed to be housed under the secretive ‘Project Titan’ team, from which Apple cut 200 jobs last month.

The new data from the DMV marks the first time Apple has filed a disengagement report in the state, according to MacRumors.

Unfortunately, the results aren’t looking great.

Apple’s self-driving SUVs reported 871.65 disengagements per 1000 miles, which equates to about one disengagement for every mile.

Disengagements refer to cases where a human is required to take the wheel in an autonomous vehicle.

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