Apple has been hit with its first lawsuit in the wake of its massive FaceTime bug. 

A Houston lawyer filed a lawsuit against Apple over a security flaw in its video-calling software, which allowed people to eavesdrop on iPhone users. 

It comes as it emerged a teenager from Arizona uncovered a bug that turns iPhones into eavesdropping devices while trying to play a game of ‘Fornite’ with his friends.

The worrying vulnerability let users hear audio and see video of the person they were calling even if the person didn’t pick up the call or hit decline on the call entirely. 

The lawsuit, first spotted by Courthouse News, was filed on Monday by attorney Larry Williams in Harris County, Texas. 

In it, Williams claims that Apple ‘failed to exercise reasonable care’ and that the company ‘knew, or should have known, that its product would cause unsolicited privacy breaches and eavesdropping.’

The document goes on to say that Williams was in the middle of a private deposition with one of his clients when the FaceTime bug ‘allowed for the recording’ of his private conversation. 

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