Antonio Banderas reunites with actress Penelope Cruz and director Pedro Almodovar in the new trailer for Pain & Glory (Dolo Y Gloria).

Banderas, 58, and Cruz, 44, previously starred in Almodovar’s 2013 film I’m So Excited, and now they reunite with the director for Pain & Glory.

Sony Pictures has set a March 22 release date inĀ SpainĀ for Pain & Glory, although it remains to be seen when it will be released in other parts of the globe.

The trailer begins with a shot of Banderas’ character, film director Salvador Mallo, described as ‘film director in decline,’ who is seen sitting at the bottom of a pool.

The footage then features Penelope Cruz’s character holding a young boy, while another shot shows Mallo sitting peacefully with a blonde woman.

The trailer is more a collection of unconnected scenes, featuring various characters from Mallo’s life, both past and present, along with a cryptic shot of text reading ‘El Primer Deseo’ – The First Desire.

There are also brief shots of hands typing away on a keyboard along with the credits rolling of feature film, along with a group of children lead by a priest, before another shot of Mallo.

The shots drift from past to present, with Cruz’s character seemingly the mother of Mallo, as he reflects on his life, with Julieta Serrano playing the mother in present day.

The film is described as, ‘a series of reunions’ for Mallo, although some of them are actual, in-person reunions, while others are purely in his own mind.

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