Anna Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer promoted their new drama TV series Flack at the TCA Winter Tour on Wednesday.

The 36 year old actress, who married Moyer in 2010 while they both starred in HBO’s True Blood, stars in and produces Flack, with Moyer serving as executive producer.

The six-episode series is slated to premiere February 21, with Paquin playing American PR maven Robyn, living in London.

Paquin was wearing a classy light blue dress with blue and black patterns sporadically positioned on the dress.

Her husband Moyer, 49, was wearing  a smart blue on blue suit, with a light blue dress shirt, no tie, and dark blue pants and sport coat.

They were both joined by Paquin’s co-stars Lydia Wilson and Sophie Okenedo as they discussed the new series with television journalists.

After the TCA panel, Paquin spoke exclusively with Entertainment Weekly, where she revealed more details about the show and her character.

‘It’s about an American publicist living in London who is exceptionally good at cleaning up other people’s messes, often in ways that are somewhat morally compromising,’ Paquin said.

‘My character, Robyn, is an absolute disaster in her own life, sort of walking that fine line between chaos and sort of nervous breakdown most of the time,’ she added.

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