WASHINGTON – In the latest allegations of staff mistreatment against Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a new report says she tried to exact revenge on employees who sought new jobs by calling their bosses to have their offers rescinded.

Three former staffers and another source told Yahoo News about the alleged employment practice, which they saw as “vindictive, mystifying and counterproductive,” the site said, and an indication of how far she would go.

The new claim comes after other bad headlines for Klobuchar in the last week where former staffers reported hellish conditions working for the Minnesota senator who has portrayed herself as “Midwestern nice.”

“If you can’t treat the people closest to you with respect,” one former staffer told Yahoo News, “I don’t trust you to treat the American people with respect.”

Staffers said they were subject to outbursts over little matters and even office objects were thrown. Klobuchar would fixate on a minor mistake in an internal document, prompting late-night phone calls and all-caps emails. A seemingly inconsequential matter could turn into a cruel and humiliating “multi-day affair,” staffers said.

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