Amazon is using self-driving trucks developed by Embark to haul cargo on the I-10 interstate highway. 

The trucks were first noticed by a Reddit user, who uploaded images this week showing tractors emblazoned with the Embark logo and trailers painted with the Amazon Prime logo.

Rather than building its own trucks, Embark integrates its self-driving systems into existing semis, and only designs the system to operate on highways, unlike competitors such as Telsa who hope their electric semi will operate on all roads.

‘Embark has compiled many firsts for automated trucks, including driving across the country, operating in rain and fog, and navigating highway transfers,’ the firm says.

‘Embark is advancing the state of the art in automated trucks and bringing safe, sustainable commercial transport closer every day.’

Founded in 2016, Embark has raised at least $47 million in venture funding.

The moves comes as a the trucking industry is facing a massive driver shortage, which many blame on the low pay and difficult shifts and conditions of the job. 

‘Trucking is facing a workforce problem,’ Embark’s CEO Alex Rodrigues has previously said. 

‘More than 50 percent of all drivers will retire in the next two decades and there aren’t nearly enough young drivers joining the industry to replace them. 

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