Amazon is continuing to rev up its interest in cars, adding Ford and Lincoln to the list of automakers eligible for a service that delivers packages directly to customers’ trunks.

With the participation of the two automakers, Ford customers with a 2017 or newer model and Lincoln customers with a 2018 or newer model will now be able to receive packages to their vehicles through Amazon’s ‘Key’ service.

‘Key’ was previously rolled out for drivers of newer GM and Volvo cars last year after a trial test in 2015 and recently rolled out the ability to let customers grant access to their garages by linking their smart garage accounts.

Amazon’s Key feature lets owners of internet-connected cars grant delivery workers conditional access to their trunks so that they can drop off packages wherever the Prime customers are parked —  as long as that place is publicly accessible.

Delivery drivers locate customers’ cars using a mixture of GPS, license plate numbers, and an identifiable picture, and users are able to receive notifications on when the package is delivered and when their trunk is re-locked.

To make use of Amazon’s key service for one’s car, customers will need to be Amazon Prime members as well as customers of their car manufacturers premium services such as FordPass or Lincoln Way.

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