Amazon, Apple and Google voice assistants and smart TVs could find out if a person is cheating on their partner, a data expert has claimed.

Smart gadgets, which are used by one in ten people around the UK, can harvest enough data to work out the dynamics of a relationship, they say.

They have the potential to record saucy conversations and analyse location data to discover secret affairs.

The virtual assistants can show when occupants are in a building, or for example, share a bedroom, by using sensor logs and smart meters. 

There is already ambiguity when it comes to these companies privacy policies and how they collect and use people’s data.

Recorded chats and locations could be harvested for research, stored in the cloud and sold on to third parties.

Speaking at a science conference in Washington, former government data adviser Professor Ashwin Machanavajjhala warned of the dangers of smart tech in the home, according to the Mirror.

‘Smart meters can tell you whether an individual is at home and what appliances are used,’ he said.

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