Even legends have to take a lunch, which is what screen icon Al Pacino was seen doing on the set of his new movie in Puerto Rico on Monday.

The 78 year old actor was spotted taking a lunch break on the set of Axis Sally, which was filming at the Tropical Medicine building in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Pacino has been scheduled to film for 10 days on the production, most for interior scenes, but he was spotted filming outsideĀ  earlier this month.

Pacino was seen wearing a blue pinstriped suit, enjoying an orange beverage while sitting in a chair on the set.

The actor was sporting a mustache for his role as attorney James Laughlin in Axis Sally, which is based on an incredible true story.

Pacino was also spotted filming an exterior scene at theĀ Capitolio set in San Juan earlier this month, where he was wearing a brown suit and sunglasses.

He was seen giving a thumbs up gesture and interacting with cast and crew members.

The plot follows American woman named Mildred Gellars, who was nicknamed Axis Sally (Meadow Williams), who broadcast Nazi propaganda during World War II.

She was simultaneously loved and hated by American soldiers, and when she was captured in Berlin after the war, she became the first American woman ever convicted of treason.

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