Aidan Turner is set to play the man who assassinated Adolf Hitler, in his new indie film The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot.

The actor, 35, transformed into American soldier Calvin Barr in the first trailer for the film, which sees him embark on a dangerous mission to assassinate the Nazi leader.

Directed by Robert Krzykowski, the film also follows Calvin in later life (played by Sam Elliot), as he is called upon by the FBI to kill a mythical Sasquatch that carries a disease which could wipe out all life on Earth.

Opening with an older Calvin sat alone in a bar, a narrator says: ‘My grandfather used to tell me stories all about this one soldier.

‘As he got older the stories got stranger, some I believed, others I don’t know. But it wasn’t describing a man. It was more like something mythic, legendary.’

Threatened by a group of thugs, the character appears to just be a defenceless old man until he skillfully beats them up.

Sitting down with an FBI agent, he’s asked: ‘You didn’t pull any swords from any stones did you? But you might have done something, something bigger maybe.’

Delving into the time he spent, seemingly, undercover in the Third Reich during World War Two, the trailer then gives a glimpse into Aidan’s performance.

A flurry of scenes show the Poldark star having a romantic dinner with Caitlyn FitzGerald’s Maxine, before he later opens a box with an engagement ring inside.

Talking about what bothers him, the older Calvin narrates over the top: ‘Things I could have done differently, regrets.’

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