Job No. 1 for Adam Gase now that he is officially the Jets head coach is putting together a coaching staff.

The biggest hire for Gase, an offensive-minded coach, will be his defensive coordinator. Gregg Williams is under consideration for the job, but nothing has been finalized. Whoever gets the job, it sounds as if Gase will not be hands-on with him.

“It depends on who we end up bringing in here and how I feel like I need to use my time,” Gase said. “I’m pretty sure that everyone is in the same boat that I need to spend my time with the quarterback. Whoever we bring here on the defense has to do a great job of making sure that he’s really the head coach of the defense. That’s what we’re looking for.”

That may sound a bit like Rex Ryan or Todd Bowles, just on the opposite side of the ball. One of the problems with those Jets coaches was they concentrated on one side of the ball, sometimes to the detriment of the other.

Gase said he will take his time putting together a staff. That was one of the things he said he learned in his first stint as a head coach with the Dolphins.

“Over three years, you’re going to have mistakes that you make,” Gase said. “It can be a mental note. You start creating that list from year to year. It’s really starting this first part of the process. We’re trying to put a coaching staff together. The first thing I learned in the first go-round is don’t get impatient. Don’t think you have to rush to get into, ‘We’ve got to get this guy hired. We’ve got to get that guy hired.’ Just go through your process and if we have to interview guys, we’ll interview guys.”

Gase said he is waiting for some coaches to be freed up from other teams that are making coaching changes. He also will meet with assistants who were with the Jets under Bowles in the coming days.

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