If you are thinking about a holiday to Japan it is likely Tokyo – with its neon lights and amazing atmosphere – is already at the top of your list.

But look past the vibrant and bustling capital and you’ll find the country is filled with lesser-known – but no less impressive – places waiting to be discovered.

The picturesque seaside city of Kagoshima, for example, located south-west of Tokyo on the island of Kyushu, with its mild climate, palm tree-lined streets and its own awe-inspiring volcano, is the perfect place for a more relaxed getaway. 

While the natural beauty and lush coastal scenery might feel world’s away from Tokyo’s busy streets, in reality it is approximately two hours on a plane from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, making it the perfect second stop on your Japanese adventure.

So after you’ve experienced the art, culture and traditional charm of the capital, day and night, why not take in the sights of Kagoshima region – and enjoy even more of what Japan has to offer.

Here are our favourite spots in both that are a must for any itinerary…

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