Eerie footage taken from a camera attached to the back of a Great White shark shows how the giant predator uses kelp to stalk its prey.

The enormous fish has previously never been seen venturing inside kelp forests as scientists thought they were too big to fit.

But scientists have now attached cameras on the back of eight adult great whites show they are able to navigate through tight channels and barge through larger obstacles.

Murdoch University PhD student Oliver Jewell was involved in the research and said: ‘The film we collected gives us a new perspective on this species.

‘We can see how they interact with their surroundings in real time, and they are able to make some pretty spectacular 180 degree turns in the kelp forest.

‘In the past we would have to guess. We would track sharks to the edge of the kelp forest but then lose the signal.

‘Being able to see what these fish do in this habitat helps to bring another layer of understanding to the behaviour of these ocean giants.’

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