When Dream Theater made its first significant splash with its 1992 sophomore album, Images and Words, the Long Island quintet’s combination of prog, metal and melody stood out like a sore thumb in the landscape of popular music. You could argue that the same holds true today, yet the band has been resolute in sticking to its sonic guns.

Two Grammy nominations and 15 million in worldwide album sales later (according to its management), Dream Theater is preparing to release Distance Over Time, theband’s 14th studio album, on Feb. 22, in multiple configurations. Having already released videos for album tracks “Untethered Angel” and “Fall Into the Light,” the fivesome today delivered the official animated video for “Paralyzed,” which can be seen below.

With Distance Over Time, Dream Theater once again demonstrates its penchant for writing music that strives to be technically rigorous while also rewarding from a melodic standpoint. Keyboardist Jordan Rudess and frontman James LaBrie stack the new material with layers of harmony that become especially apparent as the whole band executes a host of dramatic chord changes, which has become one of its hallmarks. Meanwhile, guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung and drummer Mike Mangini continue to exert their prodigious chops, with Petrucci’s thrashy riffs sustaining a level of aggression not often expected from an act approaching its 35th year.

That said, as Petrucci tells Billboard, human connection remains vital to Dream Theater’s creative process — whether it be finding the thread between the music and the emotional underpinning of its lyrics or the members’ bonds with one another. Case in point: For Distance Over Time, the band decided to room together, sequestering itself for 18 days at Yonderbarn Studio in the Catskills — a decision that Petrucci says had a profound impact on the tone and shape of the album.

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