The death of an 18-year-old due to a tapeworm egg infestation in his brain has been reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The case was published on Thursday, detailing the symptoms of the teen who checked himself into a hospital in India.

According to the study, the man was suffering from seizures and his parents told doctors he had been having pain in the right groin for a week. Doctors say the man was confused, had swelling over his right eye and tenderness in his right testicle.

An MRI was performed and showed numerous well-defined cystic lesions throughout his brain and brain stem. Those lesions were consistent with neurocysticercosis, the result of a pork tapeworm infection which affects the neurosystem, specifically the brain, muscles, and other tissues.

The cysts are larvae (eggs) which form after ingesting food contaminated with tapeworm eggs. This is usually caused from meats which are uncooked or not cooked properly.

Doctors were unable to give the man antiparasitic medication since it could have made his inflammation even worse and lead to excessive swelling of his brain. He was given antiepileptic medications and anti-inflammatory medications but the man died two weeks after reporting to the hospital.

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