This is the hilarious moment a Sky News presenter had to duck out of shot outside 10 Downing Street.

Tamara Cohen, a political correspondent for the news channel, walks in front of the camera and immediately drops to the floor.

The camera was focused on the Prime Minister’s residence with a black car parked by the front door.

She walks into the shot as the rear car door opens and XX walks towards the door of Number 10.

Ms Cohen remains ducked down as the presenter in the studio says, ‘This could be the toughest week yet for Theresa May’.

Broadcast editor Chris James posted the video on Twitter with the caption: ‘Loved the disappearing correspondent.

‘Comedy moment in Downing Street. Like a trap door opened beneath her.’

It comes as Theresa May in Number 10 faces a crucial week in Brexit negotiations after Parliament voted against her deal for the third time last week.

Her cabinet is split over plans to go for a softer Brexit which could mean involve a customs union.

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